“What kind of a man would I be if I leave her when she needed me the most.” Were the words of American Idol hopeful, Chris Medina. During Medina’s Milwaukee audition his fiancee, Juliana Ramos, along with his family came along. We, aas viewers learned that Medina proposed to Ramos two years ago but she got involved in a major car accident in October 2009. The tragedy left her with brain damage, nearly paralyzed. They haven’t been married until now. Since then, Medina has been constantly taking care of Ramos…even when the doctors said that she won’t wake up from coma.
Steven Tyler was especially moved by the story too. He was heard saying “that’s why he sings so good coz he sings to you…” Truly, what kind of a man would leave a girl when she needed him the most? The worst—this is why Medina’s story and loyalty is such an inspiration to many…seeing that there’s one heart like his that gives us hope in this seemingly uncaring world.