Dear friends, yours truly has transferred to a new home. 🙂

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There’s definitely a lot of summers I spent having fun and doing memorable things but our visit to Venice was one that I won’t forget (2008). By “our” I meant Hubby and I. I enjoy being out with the kids, exploring museums and if given the chance to be on an out-of-town trip, I’m thankful.

Well, this summer trip was unforgettable for me not just because of the wonderful and historic sight, it’s because I can’t settle myself for not bringing the kids with us. Yes, I was divided into admiring the city and thinking how my kids are doing while I’m away…I mean we. It was a spontaneous plan…we left the kids in Lignano, where we were staying for a week…at the care of my mom-in-law and bro-in-law but still, I was hesitant. 😀

Armed with a gps, a guide book and cameras, hubby and I spent a whole day walking around the city. What  do you know? We still got lost! lol. I blame the book for having lost some map pages and hubby blames poor reception. ^_^

Our goal was to find the Piazza de San Marco (St. Mark’s square). We were going on street to street, corner to corner, stopping by to take photos and scour for souvenirs. At around noon we expected our tummies to growl and so what would you eat in this enchanting town? What Italy is known for…pizza and cannelloni it is! I would have had a tramezzini though. He had salami on his pizza, I had my cannelloni with ricotta cheese and spinach covered in bechamel sauce.

I’m not one to believe in luck and the opposite of it but hubby and I can’t help but laugh because when we finally found  the Piazza; his camera run out of batteries…muhahaha. We were left with very few photos to take. I’m an advocate of  savor the moment and keep in mind what you see because it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t and you have to be content with simply looking at the recreated images later on. So gaze we did, we contemplated on the beautiful work of architecture, the blue sky that makes for a perfect background and we enjoyed watching the birds flying by and kids shooing them…we did took some shots with my camera because yes, I advocate what I stated above and still believe that photographs are a part of reality. I took my part of reality home with me and am now sharing them with you – with my kids who I kept thinking of when we were there…


Happy GT!