(At a food store nearest our place.)

We love going to any kind of store! Grocery stores, food stores/shops, books and school supply stores,  toy stores, home furniture stores, shoes and clothing store—all of them! It’s more of a necessity than a hobby but we always enjoy going about and buying stuff.


 I let the kids weigh fruits and vegetables before we buy them. We get an idea of how much we’re supposed to pay by doing so. I’m proud to say that my kids are not the type who would point to stuff to buy. They know that we buy only what we need. In some instances they get each something special and they’re thankful for those few moments.

 (Same grocery store, different season. – McCafe buying Macarons and waiting for free Babycino.)

I was glad to have found these photos in my phone files but too bad I don’t have any from the bookstore…I think we get too involved with books when we’re there so I always forget to take a shot. But below is at the bookshelf section of a furniture store, that would do lol.


(Ikea furniture store – bookshelf section. / Toy World Glorietta-I think-)

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(Humanic -shoe store. / Benetton – watching a cartoon on store TV. )


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