Compiling a shoe wardrobe is something that every person should do when they care about their appearance (I do!). While many people imagine that they only need a couple pairs of shoes in order to be dressed well, the reality is that many pairs of shoes need to be worn during the week so that there is no threat of foot pain or constant discomfort.


Shoes range from work shoes to athletic shoes to casual shoes and everything in between. There are some people who live in sneakers while others live in boat shoes or loafers. Depending on the wearer’s personal style, shoes can be chosen to match every outfit in the closet.

Men who work in a formal office must have work shoes for every day of the week, but those same gentlemen should beware that their feet will not grow fond of wearing the same shoes over and over. Plus, shoes can be matched to any outfit regardless of their style. Even the man who is used to only wearing extremely formal shoes with their suits can have shoes that are much more casual yet look fantastic with their work attire.

understairs closet for all your shoes

Sneakers can be versatile in a man’s closet. While most men only wear sneakers to the gym, sneakers can also be high fashion casual shoes or hip dress shoes. For the guy that has tender feet or prefers to be a little bit more casual, a sneaker wardrobe for an outlet such as can help him to have a different pair of shoes on his feet everyday.

Aside from the obvious comfort level of sneakers, gentlemen can take care of sneakers much more easily than standard dress and casual shoes. Sneakers tend to have more fabric and synthetic materials that are very easy to clean and do not retain water. The shoes can hold their color for a long time, and the shoes tend to last much longer than traditional shoes with leather outsoles.

Completing a shoe wardrobe is a must for every guy. While some men prefer formal looks, they can make the change to a more casual shoe wardrobe that keeps them comfortable and looking good.



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