Last week, the weather was as beautiful as could be…gentle winter breeze sans the gray skies. The sun was shining, coincidentally the kids were on a break from school so we enjoyed the whole week out with our friend from Japan. We visited the Schönbrunn Palace, the Naschmarkt and simply walked our way around the city sharing stories, hearty laughs and whatnots. These stories are better told through photos which I’d certainly show you one after the other.

red collage

The weekend was far different from all the hustle and bustle of the previous days. We were simply at home reading books, laughing at the sound and antics of angry birds (the game) and giggling over a Japanese mushy movie. Sometime on Saturday afternoon we visited a gallery owned by a Filipina at the farther district from our end. The place was more of eclectic than eccentric as other museums or galleries in Vienna are. They showcase not just European artists but Asians as well. 
Sunday was another different story. It was not as mild, the sounds of utensils clattering in the kitchen woke the kids up but it was a welcome one. Little boy was the willing helper…I’d accept his help as long as he gives it because I know that sooner or later he would prefer going out with friends than staying at home. 🙂 These are some of those memories that I would surely look back to.

We made cupcakes and a cake. A request from my elder son, he always love having something different; like a cake that’s red and not the usual chocolate or vanilla. I got the recipe again from Joy of baking, one with ingredients that are readily available in our area except for the distilled vinegar…I mean, learning what they are in German I was able to find them easily from the store opposite our place.

The cake was moist and had the right sweetness with the icing complementing it wholly. I had trouble piping as always…but in time I’d surely perfect this art. 😉


I thought my two other kids won’t be as ecstatic as the one who requested. Surprise! They ate with much gusto just the same.

With all the excitement about the red cake, I had to omit the bigger part of letting the cake cool. The author behind Joy of Baking did said it is better to cool but the kiddos at home couldn’t wait, perhaps the reason too that the frosting didn’t thicken. Well, patience they say is a virtue…it is something that baking will teach me and my kids in the process. For red velvet recipe please click here. For the cream cheese frosting, please click here.
Have a lovely week.

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