One good reason that I go to the gym and sweat as much as I can, aside from keeping fit, is to look good and be able to wear a maxi dress come summer. I prefer dresses and skirt over jeans except for those sporty days..but I’ve never worn something this long for casual getups. 
I particularly like paisley designs but I’d also settle with girly and florals. Chiffon as material would be best for summer, don’t you think? It’s light and won’t make you sweat. Summery colors like this and blue are my best bet, but I’d go for brown and white as well.
I’m 5’2″ and yes, I would love to wear those long dresses but only if I manage to loose a bit more pounds. 😀 What about you? Do you prefer dresses and skirts over jeans and shorts too?
My favorite winter jacket is a a knee-long Burberry. The design is well, Burberry-ish and I like wearing it over tees+jeans, over skirts+stockings, it matches everything.

The better part of it is, I got this jacket for less, you wouldn’t believe how much. 😀


It’s spring, so jeans jackets or a sweater would be fine to wear on this cool weather (playing between 12-17° ). My favorite piece is a one-sided poncho (but not as long as the one in photo). I like wearing it because it gives me a chic look and it hides my extra pounds under. lol. I prefer ponchos in black, I think I’ve worn mine 100 times more than I wore white or brown…

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