It’s winter, school still going on and we were doing what we’re supposed to on lazy Saturdays at home. That would be any of the following: watching Miyazaki films, finishing a PS3 game, tickling each other to laughter, baking goodies and most of all: sleeping like logs.
Had we not scheduled a visit at a gallery, the day would have ended up with spaghetti and more sleep. So out we went, 5 train stations and 4 more plus a few minutes tram ride to the gallery. We chatted with the owner, a Filipina who has been in Vienna for 28 years now and who has made a name in the European art scene but has not done so unscathed. (I’d be posting more about this and the art display on my other blog.)
We arrived around  3 but there were so many stories, many questions to answer that it was already dark when we parted (although it was nearly 5 pm only). Good! I can practice night photography (was what really in my thought bubble).


The kids expressed hunger not long after leaving the gallery. So Hubby decided we eat out. We went to the nearest fast food even if I insisted we travel the city center and use up one of my Groupon gift certificates. Well, I get his point, kids are the most impatient people in the world. 😉 Not complaining though, I totally understand and despite, I love the kids just the same.
BK (Burger King) has a drive-thru branch so we went there. Not surprisingly, there weren’t much people. I ordered long chicken but forgot to say I’d want it with cheese. On first bite I already realized that there’s something missing so I looked and I instantly knew, it was the cheese gone that made the sandwich taste bland. At the counter, I asked for cheese slices and they were handed to me at 20cents each! 😀
Hubby had a traditional charchoal-grilled burger while the kids munch on chicken nuggets (they had noodles later on at home).
Hubby joked that should there have been a Pinoy (Filipino) the cheese were given free, the fries already salted and the meat would be much tastier! lol.
It’s winter so it is but natural to dress up in layers. I got all three kids red jackets but little boy used a blue one as spare. My daughter matches hers with the red beanie I made.



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