In my attempt to be a work at home mom, I sell photos and write articles for certain magazines. Then I learned blogging, where opinion is a big influence, I eventually found ways to earn money through it. It’s not much but at least, I get to do something I like, and get paid for it too.

There are ways to monetize a blog: put ads, become products-selling affiliate and write paid reviews.

So, I registered to some get paid to blog platforms where advertisers get the chance to advertise their site on blogs hence giving them exposure and a boost in ranking (as far as search engines are concerned). Publishers, or us bloggers, get paid for reviews about services and websites, while advertisers gain promotion and readers from the links. Both parties gain traffic and deeplinks that would be easily indexed in the blogosphere.



One of those I signed up for is Bucks2blog, I am now writing my first, of hopefully, many posts to come. So once you sign up and subscribe to their email you will receive campaigns regularly. You can then pick out campaigns for you to write. Bucks2blog has a unique system, different from how we were used to. You have to write a proposal. If your blog passes the requirements, you’re good to go. You will receive instructions per email and payment via paypal.
The advertisers normally require an amount of words or certain number of paragraphs, a photo or two would be optional and the links of course.


Indeed, advertising has come a long way and you can truly make money blogging, it’s true, you can start by reading around other blogs and familiarizing yourself with search engines. With this , you get paid while working at home and help businesses advertise at the same time!

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