Funny how I read today’s theme as “Hubby’s hobby” when in fact it’s “Mommy”…I told a blogging friend that I must be missing the hubby even if he’s been away for only 15 hours. He went to a US trip and would be there for 3 weeks! Three long weeks, I scream! I can’t bear the thought and I don’t know how I could be at ease. The last time he went on a one-week trip was already agonizing (yes, that much!) and it was to a city only 3 hours away.

This made me realize how much time hubby and I spend together doing things we both enjoy. There’s watching American TV shows, reading books despite different genre preferences (he’s on his corner, I’m on mine); working online, sleeping late (is that even counted?); photoshop, photo postcard layouting and photography most of all.



Let me share my library with you, as I haven’t arranged my bookshelf I’m using my online library list (not full)….this does not include his books.

I am in many ways grateful that he loves to read too. (Read: he won’t complain my buying of books.) lol. As I’ve often mentioned, I still carry a book every time I’m out to finish some tasks, business or document-related stuff…in fact, my iBooks shelf is totally empty. Shame!

I enjoy cooking and baking as well. I try to learn as much as I can and be a domestic diva in my own way. (Giggles). I don’t have the piping skills yet but I’m slowly learning. I would one day want to design cakes with fondant but I don’t really have the liberty.

Lastly, it has been my hobby, well more of a must to improve on my languages. I’ve enrolled in Spanish level 2 scheduled Fridays at 8:30-10:30 and Japanese refresher on Tuesdays at 9:30 – 11. Hope I can manage…

mommy moments