Cooking a meal for the family takes a long time to finish, I often find myself with time on my hands, being at a loose end. What do I do in the span of half an hour? I could spend time with the kids, but they’re playing in the garden, enjoying their bikes or watching TV while my hubby’s working. I feel that 30 minutes isn’t enough to phone a friend or read a good book, but the thought of twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do while waiting to serve dinner is something I don’t look forward to. At times, I just sit there with my macbook and blog, blogging is my source of income and I don’t tire doing it but sometimes I run out of ideas that I just stare on the monitor becoming unproductive.

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blog or play?

Then I learned about online games, I’ve started to  play poker online via Ladbrokes along with a handful of other games. Having seen it played competitively on TV, I thought that it would seem like something fun to do, even if it’s only for a few minutes. One form of the game I love more than any other is blaze poker. It’s fast, and exciting to play, especially if you have a few minutes to while away but don’t want to spend hours glued to your computer screen.

Blaze poker allows you to fold whenever you want and switch to a different game straight away, meaning you do not need to wait as long for other players to make the next move. Also, you’re playing against different players in each game, moving to different tables too. I’ve been playing blaze poker for some time now, as I can play a few games in less than half an hour while I’m cooking something, and when I win, I’m always in a good mood when serving my kids dinner.