What happens when your fluffy friend cannot come with you on holiday because the hotel you’re staying at does not accept canine companions? Leaving them home alone is out of the question. How about trying to find a pet hotel where your dog will feel comfortable while you’re away?


As soon as you’ve found the best place, next step is to determine whether the food is provided for your pet or whether you have to buy it. If the hotel offers meals, make sure the food matches your dog’s needs.  One of the brands which provide owners with top quality nourishment is Royal Canin.

The criteria on which they base their selection are age, breed and size.

Food for up to 20 breeds including Boxers, German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Pugs and Shi Tzu’s are available on the market. If your dog has undergone surgery or has weight problems mention these aspects when leaving him in other people’s care.

Barking Heads focuses on other aspects when producing food for canines.  For example, products which enhance the quality and aspect of the coat and skin are based on ingredients such as lamb and rice. Then, there’s the food for dogs with sensitive tummies and delicate digestive systems. These contain fresh chicken and salmon along with rice and oats.
Young and older dogs are treated differently by this brand because they have different needs and therefore must consume different food. No fillers are included in the making of the final product, in order to obtain the most natural pet food.

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Canned food could also be a suitable option for your pooch. Applaws  offers both canned and dry food to pet owners who wish to give the best nourishment to their canines.  Choices can be made from a wide variety of ingredients ranging from chicken, beef and tuna to mackerel, ocean fish and kelp. This can be an interesting alternative to dry food, determining even the most fussier of fluffy critters to try it.

Each dog has its own preference so it is just a case of figuring out what he likes best to keep him tip top healthy.