Like Mother’s day, Father’s day is another special occasion that I don’t observe. – For the same reason as the other too.

The kids know this too but every year they would make something to give to both of us as an art project of some sort. Littlest boy would also have his share. Today he gave his dad a red envelope. Hubby opened it and inside was a stringed memento. I’m sure the littlest boy colored it.


There’s also a card with a picture of a fox. Again, I can tell that the littlest boy colored this.

He loves to color but he hasn’t been successful as yet to do it without tainting outside the lines.

Inside it reads:

Dear Papa!

Papa you are really smart-
taking mommy as your wife,
then you brought me too-
no one is as smart as you.

And my question as to why the cover has a fox was answered. Sly as a fox — was what it means.

Below you can read DEITA—it’s supposed to be his name. ๐Ÿ˜€ He got the D right as it is the first letter of his name. The E, I and A are part of his name too but I wonder where the T came from. ^_^ I bet he learned this letters from his older brother as I have only thought him D and A. Cute!



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