Back in the days, when I was in college to be exact, online dating sites were slowly getting popular. I haven’t tried that though…The trend then was you’d get into a chatroom, back then it was mIRC (Microsofts’  Internet Relay Chat) that was the most logged into. ^_^

Over they years, this kind of getting to know and meeting someone online first before actually meeting them in person became prolific. I even know of some who got married to someone they met online. I have reservations of course, getting to know someone online is different from getting to know them in person. We’ve read it over and over again; one can always present himself/herself differently. There are also reports of dates getting out of control and we are warned about stranger danger…it’s but natural since we’ve heard that from our parents when we were kids: to not easily trust someone we don’t know.


Having said all that though, there are still sites that offer dating for parents, that would be single parents, that has produced couples that had stayed together since they met. Like my good friend based in Canada now. Her husband unfortunately died after two years into the marriage, she was left with a one-year-old. I can’t imagine how heartbroken she was. Our other friends suggested that she try an online dating site, just to have something to get her mind off the heartache. She did after a year of persuasion and she has had 5 dates before finding someone that she’s spending her life with now. It could be sort of a fairy tale to some — but it happens.