I remember back in school we had recognition days allocated for kids finishing grades 1-5, this is like the equivalent for the graduating class only they will still be in school the following year. If I’m not mistaken, it is called “moving-up” nowadays…please correct me if I’m wrong. This event is to recognize kids for their achievements in class, character development and extra-curricular activities. Back then I had my share of receiving medals and certificates; for being an honor student, for topping the Spelling Bee or the Bible Quiz or for being “behaved.” I never got an award related to numbers except for being Best in Numbers when I was a 6-year-old in kindergarten class. lol. Somehow, I know I made my parents proud…
Looking at it now, I think award-giving does not only boost kids’ morale but it feeds parents’ egos as well. Don’t get me wrong, I think such awards are beneficial too but I don’t like that some of those left without an award are affected by the fact that they didn’t get any. I think competition in this sense is unhealthy. ๐Ÿ™ I might be wrong but that’s just my opinion. Being on top of class has it perks, you get to be a scholar, you get to have a say…but I think I also learned that ability and strategy in life (speaking from experience) matter, a lot.
Since schools here doesn’t have such recognitions and awards I find that my kids doesn’t have this pressure to be ahead of the others. They learn and study and play at the same time. Since the theme is scheduled for March I thought that it is timely to show recognition and graduation photos…I have none but to all of you moms, Congratulations to your little one!
Lourdes Parish Church, Tagaytay City, July 2010
Today, I’m relating the theme to the same wedding event I featured last week. I know, it sounds odd but my older brother was the last of us three to get married. Too bad that my dad wasn’t able to witness his unico hijo walk down the aisle (he passed away June of 2009).
The photo above shows us without the bride (sister-in-law). That would be D, my youngest at the farthest side; MG, my nephew carried by my brother-in-law; my older sister, my mom, my brother, my daughter and I (in gray) and hubby and his look-alike, our older son.
Taal Vista Hotel, July 2010
Here you’ll see sister-in-law and our uncle (mom’s brother) included. It may take some more years before we get the chance to have a family photo again…Congratulations to my Kuya and his wife…not just for tying the knot but for the new blessing coming their way! (Heard the wonderful news yesterday.)