I had this entry in my drafts since January. I totally forgot to publish this until Mommy Peh posted about something similar,  so here goes.


I was raised in the rural area of Cavite so I’m used to having trees and greenery around. We also have a small creek that served as a wash area for many people. It was still clean then…I haven’t seen it since I started in highschool but I heard that the water isn’t as clear as before.
Back then we drank tap water and it tastes refreshing. Now, we buy them from the mineral water store. My kids ask me often whenever we’re on vacation, why? Why can’t we drink tap water? I feel sad and I tell them it is not clean .
When I first came to Vienna I was impressed at how clean the surroundings were, it was autumn but the leaves appear as though they have been placed by the wind perfectly side by side or on top of each other. Well, there were the regular sweepers. 😀 Kidding aside, I just love the smell and look of autumn….


I was awed when for the first time I went to the grocery store, the older people where taking out cloth bags for their fare instead of buying plastic bags (which by the way costs 0.20cents). There are no baggers around so it is trusted that you put your stuff in your own bag. Honesty and trust plays a big role in this country!
There and then I thought “it would be very nice if we have those bags in Pinas.” I couldn’t anyway understand why are there so many plastic bags given out for free at the stores. For many years now (8 to be exact) I’ve been using eco bags or cloth bags and sometimes nylon bags that are foldable and chic when I go to the grocery. I refuse plastic bags from the apothecary, I just put what I bought in my shoulder bag which would always have spaces for anything. I deliberately bought bigger ones for such purposes. I’m doing my share to help lessen the plastic problem. I sort out our trash well, from papers to plastic bottles to biodegrable and glass bottles. I tell the kids to throw their garbage properly…reason that I don’t like selfish smokers and undisciplined dog owners. The city provides trash bins for cigarettes and free plastic bags for picking up dog poo and still, some just don’t care. There are those who would leave the cigarette still lighted and throw it in the bin, imagine the smell of paper, and whatnots getting burned on a cold, early morning. Pffuuu!
So in light with this, I would be giving away two trendy nylon bags for this month. I believe in the saying “Small things together makes something big.” I wouldn’t require following or other things, just write about this giveaway and leave your urls in the comment section of this post. Thank you!
*This giveaway is open to all (international shipping). Winners to be announced on May 14, 2011.