This is our 4th-year class picture-no teachers, very unruly and yes, under the mango tree, lol! You won’t recognize me here but I was seated with the boys lol.


There were 4 versions of this class photo. First was the formal shot, second was when the photographer counted only until 2; so we weren’t ready. – He shot again when we laughed at why we weren’t ready for the last shot. That sent all of us giggling…then this last photo was a special request…we had a photo without our teachers – typical of our class to be noisy and kwelas.

For four years I was in this class, the so-called cream of the crop. Most of my classmates were valedictorians and salutatorians in their respective elementary schools but we didn’t look at that “status” as a hindrance for the friendship built through the years but rather healthy competition. Until now, it is with my highschool friends and classmates that I feel closest to.


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