I’ve always loved blogger…this is my first home online. I was happy posting photos everyday with a little write up or a quote. It was a simple online diary. In the middle of it all, I got caught up with the paid blogging scheme that I wanted to upgrade and eventually, hubby bought me a domain name, got me to his hosting and did all the transfer by himself.
It was a mistake. I had to log in to three different dashboards and I lost the lust to blog. So here after 800 posts and more I’m back to blogger. After much research on how to transfer a WordPress blog to Blogger, here it is. Let me help you in doing that. Edit: I since moved back to WP again…lol.
Thanks to the developer of easy tools we can now transfer posts and comments, labels, even spam comments wholly via xml files!
So first you have to clean up your WordPress comments. Log on to your wordpress blog. Empty the spam comments because they are the culprit in hindering a smooth transfer. They also eat a up a fair amount of space. At first I had a 24 mb xml download but cut it down to 6mb later on when I learned about this trick.
After you’ve deleted all the spam comments press export under tools. Save the xml file to your disk. Log on to your blogger account, go to Settings of the blog you want the file transferred to – Basic- Import blog…browse for the file and if you wish to publish immediately tick the box for automatic publishing. Wait! There’s an error when you upload…well, wordpress xml files are not compatible with blogger so you need to convert.
Here’s how: go to this wordpress to blogger converter app. Upload the wordpress xml file then convert. If your file is less than 1mb this will work like a charm…if it’s bigger then it will only result in error. I didn’t notice the notification about the 1 mb limit at first. So, how do you convert wordpress xml files that are more than 1 mb? This is were I thought “what if my files could be divided into smaller parts?” I’m no techie so I almost scratched the idea altogether until I landed on this awesome page, the WXR file Splitter! Brilliant!
The website itself gives a detailed instruction on how one is supposed to use it, so just follow the sequence. Now, make sure that when you choose the number of split files that they will end up not more than 1mb for the converter to work. If they get bigger you can always delete the files and redo the splitting until you get all of them below 1mb (1000kb). Then convert each of this xml files via the wordpress to blogger converter app.
I don’t guarantee that all of your converted xml files will be uploaded without hassle. I encounter some errors while uploading too but since I got a lot of posts I didn’t bother redoing it or deleting the problem which the system also identified.
So there, viel Erfolg! I would love to hear your experience with this process, do leave a note or tips and suggestions for improvement! Thanks!