Fickle-minded me attacks. Should I transfer back to wordpress?

I’m having doubts with godaddy…I purchased 3 blogs via blogger and that’s 12$ yearly…I didn’t get a godaddy account because I was using google apps.


For 4 months now ( I checked late, stupid me) I’ve been paying monthly 8+$ to them. So I cancel paypal authority of allowing them for auto payments, I then emailed customer support, got a reply quickly but I was told they need my PIN-which I don’t have so I said I bought the domains via google apps.

I was sent an email on what to do, I’m a bit busy so I still haven’t done anything which makes me think that if they deliberately do this and know that people are too busy, they run off with a lot of dollars in the process with no one running after them….geez! Can’t trust people nowadays… ­čÖü