For some, being  a stay-at-home mom is a term that sometimes evoke an image of unkempt hair, ragged overall look. But this shouldn’t always be the case. We stay-at-home moms also get our me-times spent on facials, spas and other beauty regimen…provided that there’d be someone we can leave the kids with. 😉 At times, we find ourselves trying to put things in our own hands as with any other things, so if we can’t find a babysitter, we always do things our way – at home.

And yes, you do not have to step out any farther than your own vanity table to get that flawless red carpet-ready makeup of an everyday fresh look. Today, airbrushing makeup is available in sets and kits for personal use.  You simply have to pick out the right shades for your skin tone and to learn about the airbrushing techniques, then you can put on that perfectly made up face anytime you want.


The basic airbrush makeup system is composed of the compressor, the airbrush, and the makeup pod.  These are assembled together for use in applying the makeup formulation contained in the makeup pod.  Instead of dabbing sponges on cakes, creams, or pressed powder, this system sprays makeup in a fine mist to give better coverage without a heavy coat of makeup.  The result is a more natural look achieved in a more hygienic makeup application process.   Since no part of the system touches the skin, there is no risk of contaminating your makeup because of your facial oils and dead skin cells.

The types of makeup that can be applied with an airbrush system include the foundation, the blush, the lip color, and the eye shadow.  There are different pods of different shades for these applications.  You can even find highlighters and bronzers in airbrush makeup pods.  Once sprayed onto your skin, these products stay without clumping, caking, streaking, or fading.  Most of these products are water-resistant, so they stay on your skin even when you are sweating or crying.  In as much as it seems to stick like your second skin, removing airbrush makeup at the end of the day is conveniently done by simply washing with mild soap and water.

It is not difficult to learn how to apply airbrush makeup.  Your airbrush makeup system will come with instructions on how to assemble, use, and maintain your equipment.  For more tips and techniques in using airbrush makeup systems, there are videos and online tutorials that you can go through.  There are also workshops that you can attend in professional makeup studios and showrooms.  When you learn how to use your airbrush makeup system, getting that flawless red-carpet ready look will be a cinch.