^Above photo: Minos, our Maine Coon sleeping comfortably on our bed. 😀

Do you allow your furbabies to sleep in your bedroom or on your bed? If yes, you are not alone on this. We do too. It’s not that we invite them over for cuddles, but our cats, a Maine coon and two Ragdolls are naturally sociable and affectionate, and enjoy human interaction.

In a survey conducted by one of the top pet insurers around, Animal Friends, found that almost half of owners who participated in the survey sleep with their pets – either in the bedroom or on the bed.

What are the pros and cons of having your pet in your bedroom? Fitted bedroom specialists DM Design points out the for and against:

Yes for pets in the bedroom

Mayo Sleep Clinic’s (a clinic based in Arizona, USA) study, supports the ‘yes’ in allowing pets into your bedroom.

In a survey of 150 patients — 49 per cent owning at least one pet — the researchers confirmed that more than half of those with animals in their homes, let their four-legged companions sleep either in their bedroom or on their bed.

But the study also showed that those who have pets in the bedroom at night felt safer, more relaxed, and had a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, only about 20 per cent of those with pets experienced some interruption as their pets move around, miaos, or tries to sleep ‘on them’ or beside them.Continue Reading…