Mirage: something illusory, unobtainable.

“This blog is a journal of a 30-year-old-something mom’s journey down the exciting road of motherhood.”

Email: marie@gmirage.com 

Hi there! My name is Marie. Prior to being a mom, I was a writer and a photographer doing mostly photojournalism. These two has to take a back seat when my daughter came but I thought, why not make my daughter my photo subject? So I did and that’s why I came to love taking children portraits. Two boys came after and they too became adorable subjects.

I also enjoy macro, landscape and other forms of photography: travel, candid, stock, street, still life, wedding, conceptual, sport, food, underwater, documentary or fine art. I’d certainly love to go back to the darkroom and process black and white films and print them too!

I have stayed a stay at home mom for sometime now yet I never put aside my love for writing and photography. I’ve lived the cliche “a picture paints a thousand words.” I love photography but it cannot be discounted that writing is and will always be my first love.

Here you’ll find the stories behind my photos.

I have 3 kids, whom you’d often see featured here, they are my inheritance and though life isn’t always easy, it gets lighter with them around.

You can call me Marie or Mirage, whichever you prefer.


I love the Bible, I heed its advices.

The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole obligation of man.” -Ecclesiastes 12:13

Behave as free men, but do not use your freedom as an excuse for badness, but use it as bondslaves of God.” – 1 Peter 2:16


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Author is a Filipina based in Vienna, Austria. She speaks Tagalog, English, German, a bit of Spanish and Japanese.