Strengthening relationships with simple gestures

corner flowershop

Whenever I see this photo, which I took 2 or more years ago, I am reminded of the simple things that hubby would do and little gifts he would give to make me remember him even on a no-particular-day day. A single red rose, a bunch of gerbera daisies and maybe a bar of my favorite chocolate that doesn’t come easy around this region. There were 3 white roses that he handed me during our first official day as a couple. Nine years and a half more  I still recall that day with thrill, remembering the way we were so full of hopes and I’m glad those hopes made us what we are today.

So if you got no time to visit that corner flower shop,  here are some tips I could give you (as a starting couple) when looking for gifts and some other tips on what you can do to strengthen your relationship with her.

1. Send her flowers and other things she’ll love. It is much easier nowadays than it was when hubby and I were dating. With a click of the mouse you can  send her hand-tied flowers, chocolates, balloons and other trinkets – sent the next day or better yet, on that same day! Gifts can be personalized as well, like a box of cupcakes with your own message to the recipient – telling her how much you missed her.

2. Call her every so often. She would surely feel your concern if you call her asking if she’s safe home or if she had lunch already. These simple gestures would go on her daily notes (or her blog) as “sweet motions.”


3. Go shopping together. That’s buying even a simple dress, a pair of earrings or wedding anniversary gifts for a celebration you’re attending on the next Saturday. Going with her to shop for gifts for her parents, siblings and spending time with her in such ways will let her see you as a “patient” partner.

4. Dine at her favorite restaurant even if you don’t agree with her choice of cuisine. Even if your palates have different preferences, it’s a big plus if she sees you eating her favorite food that you have come to list on your “no-no” food. Who knows, that might be the one food you’ll learn how to cook in all your life.

5. Go Mountaineering. Go snowboarding, kayaking, bicycling, bunjee-jumping or simply exercise together.

There are a lot more things that can draw one closer to the person he adores and if by persistence and true intentions she says yes to him, the next tips should be; how to make a relationship fun and memorable.


7 thoughts on “Strengthening relationships with simple gestures

  1. DK cannot do #5. We used to ride with a bicycle around his neighborhood but we lost the bikes now. He’s not fond of walking/hiking. It hurts his calves daw, hahaha! Hopefully, we can start jogging together.

  2. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things. My husband and I just celebrated out 11th anniversary, we enjoyed planning our night out together and we have started practicing yoga together in the new year.

  3. I definitely agree that it’s the little things that end up meaning so much. My husband brings me home my favorite candy bar every Friday !! Right now we are trying to fit in walking downtown together !

  4. It’s always the little things that seem to make all the difference in every relationship I have. I think I love it more when my hubby remembers something small that we had talked about many months ago, then when he goes out and buys me something.

  5. Great tips, I have a good husband for the most part. Sometimes he does not understand when I want to talk about something important but he is good to me. We have our time together and we have our time apart. Tomorrow will be our 18 year anniversary and I am surprised we have made it this long lol

  6. can i accidentally give this link to Paulie so he can finally realize what my heart wants? LOL. he’s not the sweet type (can you believe he hasn’t sent me flowers even once!). so yeah, i’ll show him this 😀

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